Mesoscale eddies

coherent structures, planetary waves, interactions between geostrophic flows and internal waves

Mesoscale eddies contain most of the kinetic of the ocean. These eddies have length scales of tens to hundreds of kilometers and timescales of several days to several months, and they are critical to the equilibration of the large-scale ocean circulation and contribute most of the lateral stirring and mixing of ocean biogeochemical tracers and other climate-relevant ocean properties

In the past 15 years, key adavances have been made in mapping and characterizing the averaged properties of mesoscale eddies on a global scale. But many fundamental details of mesoscale eddies remain poorly studied in several regions of the world ocean. We are working hard to narrow this gap in the Southwestern Atlantic. Using a synergistic observational approach, combining altimetric products and data from ships of opportunity and Argo floats, we will produce the most comprehensive look yet into mesoscale eddies in the Brazil Current region. Our main focus is understanding the partition between local versus remotely generated eddies.

Trajectories of local and remote eddies identified in the Brazil Current region (the green box).